The bees of Notre Dame

Around 180.00 bees have been living in three hives on the roof of Notre Dame, since 2013.
They are “Brother Adam” (Buckfast) Bees, a variety which is known for their hard work and for being very gentle, at any time of the day and in any weather.
These wee furry fellows have been pollinating all around Paris and produce around 25 kilos of honey each year!

When disaster struck this April, and the cathedral was in flames, it was feared that the colony couldn’t possibly survive.
But against all odds, the wax didn’t melt, which could have glued the little bees together and trapped them inside. The smoke didn’t impress them much, the bees have no lungs and the CO2 just makes them a bit tipsy and sleepy. And the water? It didn’t even touch them.

It’s a small miracle that these little creatures made it through the inferno and it’s one that makes me smile.
Keep on buzzing, little brothers!


Pictures by:
Dmitry Kostyukov /The New York Times, Philippe Wojazer / Reuters, Virginie Clavieres / CNN and Philippe Wang/Getty Images