Wandering, Wondering

Jonathan Bensimon is a Director and Cinematographer, that decided to go back to his old twin-lens Rolleiflex in 2015.
As a framework for himself, he made up a small set of rules and started the Chromasketch Project.

Always bring the Rolleiflex.
Shoot one roll of slide film, each week.
This means 12 images and hardly to no post production.
At the end of each year, share the giant contact sheet, to expose all photographs next to each other.

What I love and respect about Jonathan Bensimon’s filmmaking background, is that it made him a true storyteller. By showing us just one still image, he invites us on a much longer imaginary journey.

This first photograph is my favourite from the series and today, it made my thoughts wander...Looking at this lady with the dark hair and flowery dress, at the softness of her exposed back and that tiny rose- I’m curious where she is going, in that big city. Is she on a mission to give or to forgive, to celebrate or to create?

Thank you for making me wonder, Jonathan.


* all photographs copyright ©Jonathan Bensimon, click to enlarge
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