Songs to start the day - 'Anenome' by The Brian Jonestown Masacre

Anthony Bourdain described the vibe of this song so well, when he said:
Drenched in opiates and regret, I heard this song once and became besotted by it.
It sounds like lost love, past lives, unforgiven mistakes and transgressions.

Anenome by the Brian Jonestown Massacre is the perfect song to start your day with, If you want to start your day
feeling dangerously sensual, that is.

Click to listen here:


Things To Do

When asked for his definition of paradise, Johnny Cash replied:
“This morning, with her, having coffee.”

The following to-do list by Johnny, sold at an auction in 20110 for $6,250.
Remarkable, as to me it seems invaluable.